Unrest in Assam University over erratic power supply

GUWAHATI/SILCHAR, May 3: The Assam University campus erupted in protest on Monday night as students raised slogans against irregular power supply ahead of the exams. They demanded that the varsity authoritiy should postpone the semester examinations scheduled on Tuesday.

After a series of hailstorms and thundersqualls created havoc in Cachar district recently, power supply to the university and nearby areas has been erratic. Students residing at Irongmara, Bodojalenga, Chotojalenga and Silcoorie have suffered the most. Many of them requested the university administration to postpone the examination from May 3 to another date. However, the authority did not agree to this demand, leading to serious altercation between officials and students.

As the two sides failed to reach a consensus, protesting students on Monday evening locked the university gates. This prevented a large number of students, teaching staff along with non-teaching employees from moving out of the premises. The magistrate in a bid to control the situation, visited the campus at around 10 pm and tried to negotiate with the protesters, but to no avail.

Later, in order to disperse agitating students, the police was called into the campus. In the ensuing lathicharge, several students were injured.

This inflamed the students further, with a large of them staging a sit-in-demonstration outside the campus on Tuesday. Earlier on Monday, the varsity authority made it clear that though there will be no postponement of the examination, students who failed to appear for it will be allowed to sit for the examination afresh.

It may be mentioned that on April 15, a similar protest was staged by students demanding regular power supply in the varsity area. At that time, they were promised regular power supply with no power-cuts for 18 hours a day. But the authority failed to keep its promise which set the students on the warpath.

Meanwhile, at the time of filing of this report, students have been asked by the university authority to submit a memorandum laying down their demands.  (Source: SentinelAssam)

মুতুম বাবুসনা না লৈখিদবদা অৱাবা ফোঙদোকখ্রে

লখিপুর, এপ্রিল ২৮, ২০১৬ 
মনিপুরী সাহিত্য পরিষদ আসামগী এক্স জেনরেল সেক্রেটারী অমসুং সাহিত্যগী সেবারোই ওইরম্বা মুতুম বাবুসনা না লৈখিদবগী অৱাবা ফোঙদোকপগী মীফম অমা নহারোল খোরিরোল সিল্লুপ লখিপুর, অথৌবা নীংশিংলুপ অমসুং মনিপুরী সাহিত্য পরিষদ লখিপুর দিস্ট্রিক্ট কমিটিনা পুন্না সিল্লাংদুনা ঙসি নুংথিল নহারোল খোরিরোল সিল্লুপকী হোলদা পাঙথোকখ্রে। নহারোল খোরিরোল সিল্লুপকী প্রেসিডেন্ট লোংজম গোপেন্দ্র অমসুং মনিপুরী সাহিত্য পরিষদ লখিপুর দিস্ট্রিক্ট কমিটিগী ভাইস প্রেসিডেন্ট য়ুম্নাম ইলাবন্টনা ময়ায় তাঙবল লৌদুনা পাঙথোকখিবা অৱাবা ফোংদোকপগী মীফমদা নহারোল খোরিরোল সিল্লুপকী জেনেরেল সেক্রেটারী আব্দুল হামিদ, ইঙুদম বিনোদ, য়ুম্নাম নদিয়াচাঁন্দ, ৱাংখেম শরৎচন্দ্র, ঙাঙোম বসন্ত, লৌখাম অতোল অমসুং ইঙুদম নীলবীর নচিংবা মীওইশিংনা মুতুম বাবুসনানা হিংলিঙৈদা মহাক্না তৌরম্বা থবক থৌরমশিংগী মতাংদা ৱা ঙাংখি। পনবা য়াই, চীঙু মাইচৌ খোংনাংথাবা মনা ২০০৮ মনা ফংলবা চীংদোংলৈকায় গোভ এদেদ স্কুল জিরিবামগী হেদমাস্টার ওইনা থবক্তগী পোৎথাখ্রবা শ্রী মুতুম বাবুসনা হৌখিবা এপ্রিলগী তাং ২৬ তা মশাগী অনাবা অমনা মরম ওইরদুনা সিলচরগী লনাই হোসপিতাল অমদা তাইবঙ থাদোকখি। লৈখিদবা মতমদা মশাগী চহী ৬৬ শুখ্রে।
মনিপুরী সঙ্গীত কালা একাদেমী সিঙ্গেরবন্দগী প্রেসিডেন্ট অমসুং সৈসকলূপ সিঙ্গেরবন্দগী এদভাইজরসু ওইবিরম্বা শ্রী মুতুম বাবুসনানা লৈখিদবদা একাদেমী অমসুং লূপ অসিগী মেম্বরশিংনসু অৱাবা ফোঙদোকখ্রে।

Tribal leader Lalthomlien to fight for justice

SIlchar, March 18: It is for the first time that a tribal leader Lalthomlien Hmar who is also the chairman of Barak Valley Hill Tribe Development Council is trying his fate in the polls from Lakhipur in Cachar. After filing his nomination paper, he told the media-persons though he is contesting as an Independent candidate, he is being supported by JD (U), AIUDF and RJD. He regretted that though tribal population in this Barak Valley forms a substantial segment, no tribal has ever been selected by any party since Independence.
Lalthomlien Hmar takes pride in the fact that he is the first among the tribals who has decided to fight poll battle all in the interest of the tribal community with a population of 3 lakh. Around 17,000 tribal voters of Lakhipur constituency will support him and all the punji headmen have decided to back him so that there is no split up in the votes of tribals. “It is really unfortunate that tribals should be neglected and no candidate can be selected from them by any political party”, he pointed out.
It is this deprivation and denial that their voice has never been raised in the Assembly and nothing has been done for their socio-economic development. Tribals have many areas of concern which include education, games and sports, culture, potable water, sanitation and health services. “If elected my priority will be to focus on these issues and bring smiles to the people of tribal communities”, Lalthomlien Hmar said. Not only the people of Lakhipur in general but all the 16 tribal communities will lend their support. “It is their inspiration and encouragement which have led me to decide to fight and submit my nomination paper”, he added to say.
Lalthomlien Hmar also made it clear that Congress which has been ruling the roost in this constituency for decades will now be discarded by the people and the tribals in particular. He left no ambiguity when he stated, “It will be Sanjay Thakur, Independent candidate, who will be my main contender and Rajdeep Goala, who is contesting on Congress symbol, will be nowhere in the picture”. All Assam Tribal Sangha as well as other tribal bodies have backed his candidature.
Lalthomlien Hmar took the opportunity to say as a chairman of Barak Valley Hill Tribe Development Council, he has always been trying to uphold the cause of his communities and make all endevour to remove their woes and sorrows and meet their basic demands. He was happy to note that the role of Election Commission of India is quite laudable which has taken tough measures against all sorts of malpractices and evils. He has a dig at Congress which so far has been banking on questionable methods to get votes. This time Congress will not get any access in tribal areas to influence them in its favour. (Source: SentinelAssam)

Congress, BJP candidates file papers in Cachar

Thoiba Singha
Rajdeep Goala
SILCHAR, March 17: Nomination papers for the coming assembly elections were filed today by the candidates of different political parties. Cachar Zila Parishad, Unnayan Bhawan and the establishment of the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar were the centres for submission of nomination papers. In all, eight candidates filed their papers today before the respective returning officers.
After filing his nomination, BJP candidate Dilip Kumar Paul interacting with the media-persons said “My stress will be on the issues of development and I want to fight against all sorts of malpractices.” He pointed out that youth must be given opportunity in politics, hinting at the growing age of his prime opponent, Bithika Dev. He said that age is a factor in politics since active participation requires young blood. On being asked about the sudden appearance of his main contender, he evaded it. He added to say one should quit active politics when one reaches the age of 65. He also said that he is in an advantageous position since Tamal Banik, former vice-chairman of Silchar Municipal Board, is not contesting.
Rajdeep Goala, MLA Lakhipur, also filed his nomination paper today. Like Dilip Kumar Paul, he too laid stress on the issues of development, secularism and peace. He said that Congress is hopeful it will again form the government under the dynamic leadership of Tarun Gogoi, Chief Minister. He believes that the tea belts and the residents of Lakhipur town will ‘bless’ him with their votes. Rajdeep Goala making a direct reference to BJP candidate Thoiba Singha said how can he talk of development when he has no knowledge of Lakhipur and its people?
Thoiba Singha, BJP candidate for Lakhipur constituency, too filed his nomination paper. Replying on the comment of Rajdeep Goala he said that he wants to make Lakhipur a ‘Congress free’ constituency. “There is no sympathy vote in BJP like other political parties, we woo votes by dint of our dedicated services. If we come to power we will try to solve the unemployment issue of Lakhipur”, said Thoiba Singha. He meant to say Rajdeep Goala is begging votes on the sympathy plank following the death of his father Dinesh Prasad Goala.
Amar Chand Jain, BJP candidate for Katigorah, was also one of the candidates to file his nomination. His prime agenda is to provide proper transport facilities, water supply and electricity to the areas in scarcity in his constituency. He is sure of getting the support of the voters. Two other BJP candidates, Aminul Haque Laskar of Sonai and Parimal Suklabaidya of Dholai submitted their nomination papers. Marching down with hundreds of workers and supporters from the party headquarters at Itkhola, Aminul Haque Laskar has given a signal to his prime contender Anamul Haque Laskar of Congress that the fight will be fierce.
Parimal Suklabaidya, former MLA and frontline BJP leader, while interacting with the media-persons said that people will teach the Congress party who ruled the state for long 15 years with trails of corruption and misrule by casting their franchise in favour of BJP. He expressed his confidence that the next government at Dispur will be formed by BJP. Md. Saleh Ahmed Talukdar and Karim Uddin Barbhuiya, Independent candidates from Katigorah constituency, were also among the candidates who submitted their nomination papers. (Source:SentinelAssam)

Thousands throng Bhuban Hills on Sivaratri

SILCHAR, March 8: On the occasion of Bhuban Mela, an annual festival devoted to Lord Shiva, devotees and worshipers from across the valley who thronged the pilgrimage and have a darshan of Lord Shiva concluded today. On this holy day many pilgrims observed fast. The devotees offered their obeisance to Lord Shiva at the famous Shiva temple atop the hills. The Bhuban Hills in the extreme south east of Barak Valley bordering Manipur and Mizoram is a well known centre of pilgrimage. The famous temple of Lord Shiva nestled atop the hills covered with deep forests abound with legends and mysteries.
After a journey of 45–46 km from here by bus and other motor vehicles, the devotees reach the place called Panichouki Punji via Motinagar under Dholai constituency of Cachar district and from there to the route towards the famous Shiva temple through the rugged and difficult track. They climb around 4–5 km to reach the shrine. In order to avoid any untoward incident, the police administration imposed guidelines which were unfortunately not strictly followed by the devotees. The police and CRPF personnel were deployed in and around the hills to ensure security of the people.
Several saints and sanyashis have also flocked to the hill from different parts of the country on the occasion. A fair named Bhuban Mela goes on every year at the foothills. A few NGOs arranged drinking water, food and medicine for the devotees on the route to Bhuban Hills. The PWD Department sprayed water on the road to control dust. Sonai primary health centre set up a stall there to give basic medical facility to the devotees if they fell ill. In order to curb the consumption of alcohol and other intoxicated substance at the top of the hill, the excise department was alert.
Popular myth about the Bhuban Hill is that in ancient times, the hill abounded with images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Subsequently, Nagas began to settle in the hill, took these Gods and Goddesses to be their ancestors and decided to install them at one place. They tied the images below their waists by long rope and began to drag them whereupon curses befell the Nagas who were hurtled hither–thither and instantly turned into stones. Nearby at one spot, pilgrims find a raised big stone altar on which sits a Naga saint, praying to some deity in penance for atoning the sins of their ancestors. (Source: SentinelAssam)

AASU stages protest against SEBA, AHSEC

SILCHAR, March 8: All Assam Students’ Union (AASU), Cachar district committee, today held a sit in protest demonstration before the office of the Deputy Commissioner with banners. They decried the functioning of both Secondary Board of Education, Assam (SEBA) and Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) for their callous and indifferent attitude towards the future of students and the conduct of examinations under their jurisdiction. They held the SEBA responsible for the burning of thousands of answer scripts and playing with the career of students. AHSEC was also their target for the way question papers of physics and biology were leaked out.
It is true as Ainul Haque Choudhury, president of the Union of the unit, said action has been initiated against some persons and a CID inquiry has also been ordered, but this is not the solution. The malaise in the system of conducting examinations has to be identified and remedial measures taken to ensure that such wayward approach by the authorities concerned is not repeated. It is also true that corrective measures have also been taken, but this is just a cosmetic action.
Students and their guardians have to undergo not only extreme mental tension but also the anxiety to think of the higher education of their wards. It is on the whole, Ainul Haque Choudhury pointed out, a set back to the students in their pursuit of education. Through this protest demonstration, AASU wants to send the message that in future conduct of examinations, not only the SEBA and the AHSEC have to be cautious, the education department of the state government has also to be alert. (source: SentinelAssam)

Burnt scripts were from 123 centres in 15 districts

Guwahati/ Jorhat, March 5: Around 11,000 HSLC answer scripts of nine subjects belonging to students of fifteen districts were damaged in the fire at an evaluation centre at Jorhat yesterday, SEBA authorities revealed today.
"So far we have confirmed that 10,889 copies have been burnt. Our officials have not yet concluded their assessment and the number of burnt answer scripts may be more," they said.
The affected students belong to 123 centres spread across Karbi Anglong, Darrang, Kokrajhar, Dhubri, Kamrup, Kamrup (metro), Morigaon, Nalbari, Barpeta, Baksa, Bongaigaon, Chirang, Goalpara, Dima Hasao and Cachar.
The answer scripts were of Geography, Computer Science, Sanskrit, Hindi, Advance Mathematics, General Mathematics, Social Science, Assamese (MIL) and English papers.
SEBA sources said the board is planning to hold a re-examination in March-end. For those students unwilling to appear, they may be given the highest marks --- he/ she obtained in the other subjects --- in the subject for which their scripts were charred in the fire.
Education minister Sarat Barkataky today chaired a high-level meeting with his officers and decided to form a committee to oversee security arrangement in the evaluation centres.
Meanwhile, as protests continued over the incident, the government today rushed a six-member CID team led by an SSP to Jorhat to probe into the incident.
The fire had broken out yesterday at the library of Sankardev Seminary in Jorhat, one of the evaluation centres. While there was no sign of short-circuit, the district administration and the Education minister had hinted at sabotage, citing rivalry among the school faculty and the headmistress.
Jorhat SP Amanjit Kaur said police will assist the CID team. So far, three cases have been registered against Binu Gogoi Borbaruah, the headmistress of the school who is also the in-charge of the centre.
The SP said the night watchman, his wife, daughters and the school headmistress have been examined and samples of the burnt answer scripts sent for forensic tests.
Initial investigations have also pointed at security lapses on the part of the school authorities as there was only one guard at night instead of the mandated two. (Source: SentinelAssam)