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Naorem Bidyasagar bags Sahitya Academy award 2014

Naorem Bidyasagar bags Sahitya Academy award
Naorem Bidyasagar
Naorem Bidyasagar has won this year's Sahitya Akademi award for his collection of poems 'Khung-gang Amasung Refugee' (Village and Rufugee), being the first recipient of this award by any Manipuri writer from outside Manipur. Hailing from Chaprow under Lakhipur Sub-division of Cachar (Assam), Naorem Bidyasagar is a well known poet and critic. Born in 1972. Bidyasagar presently working as Asstt Professor at G.C. College Silchar in Manipuri department. He earned a Ph.D. from Manipuri University, Kanchipur. Khung-gang Amasung Refugee (Village and Rufugee) is the 24th book published under the Cultural Forum Publications, Manipur in 2011.
The award consists an engraved copper plaque, a shawl and a cash prize of Rs 1,00,000. It is the highest literary honour in the country, conferred on writers of the most outstanding books in any of the major Indian languages. 

Sahitya Akademi Award winners and their works in Manipuri language
2014Naorem Bidyasagar              Khung-gang Amasung Refugee                                 Poems              
2013Makhonmani MongsabaChinglon Amadagi AmadaTravelogue
2012Jodha C SanasamMathou Kanba DNANovel
2011Kshetri BiraNangbu NgaibadaNovel
2010Moirangthem BorkanyaLeikanglaNovel
2009Raghu LeishangthemKunggang gee chithiPoetry
2008arambam memchoubiidu ningthoupoetry
2007B. M. MaisnambaImasi NurabeeNovel
2006Saratchand ThiyamNungshibi GreeceTravelogue
2005M. Nabakishore SinghPangal Shonbi Eishe AdomgeeniShort Stories
2004Birendrajit NaoremLanthengnariba LanmeePoetry
2003Sudhir NaoroibamLeiyee Khara Punsi KharaShort Stories
2002Rajkumar BhubonsanaMei Mamgera Budhi MamgeraPoems
2001Ningombam SunitaKhongji MakholShort stories
2000Laitonjam Premchand SinghEemagi Phanek MachetShort stories
1999Sagolsem Lanchenba MeeteiHi Nangbu HondedaPoetry
1998Keisham PriyokumarNongdi Tarak-KhidareShort stories
1997Thangjam Ibopishak SinghBhut Amasung MaikhumPoetry
1996R. K. MadhubirPraloigi MeiriraktagiPoetry
1995Arambam Somorendra SinghLeipkaleiPlay
1994Rajkumar Mani SinghMayai Karaba ShamuShort stories
1993Arambam Biren SinghPunshigi MarudyanNovel
1992A. Chitreshwar SharmaTharoshangbiNovel
1991Yumlemban Ibomcha SinghNumitti Asum ThengjillakaliShort stories
1990Nongthombam Biren SinghMapal Naidabasida EiPoetry
1989Nilabir Sharma ShastriTatkhrabha Punshi LeipulShort stories
1988E. Sonamani SinghMamangthong Lollabadi Maninghthongda LakaudanaShort stories
1987E. Nilakanta SinghTirtha YatraPoetry
1986Khumanthem Prakash SinghMangi IseiShort stories
1985H. Guno SinghVir Tikendrajit RoadNovel
1984Lamabam Viramani SinghChekla Paikhrabadastories
1983N. Ibobi SinghKarnagi Mama Amasung Karnagi Aroiba YahipPlay
1982E. Dinamani SinghPistal Ama Kundallei AmaShort stories
1981E. Rajanikanta SinghKalenthagi LeipakleiShort stories
1979M.K. Binodini DeviBoro Saheb Ongbi SanatombiNovel
1978G.C. TongbraNgabongkhaoPlay
1977Ashangbam Minaketan SinghAseibagi NitaipodPoetry
1976L. Samarendra SinghMamang Leikai Thambal ShatleyPoetry
1974N. Kunjamohan SinghIlisa Amagi MahaoShort stories
1973Pacha MeeteiImphal Amasung Magi Nungshiki Phibam IshingNovel
Note: No awards in 1975 and 1980.

*** Naorem Bidyasagar Assam rajyagi Cachar jila da Lakhipur Sub-division gi manung chanbada leiba Chaprou da 1972 da pok-khi. Manipur University, Cachipur dagi M.A. amasung Ph.D. fang-ngi. Houjikna Guru Charan College, Silchar gi Manipuri Dept. da Asstt. Prof. oiri. Manipuri Sahitya gi Kabi, Critic amasung handokloini. Yamna angang oina eba, pabagi lambida changsinkhi. Lam asida makhurana pokpa mache Naorem Kunjalata Devi na angang oiringeidagi akanba eethil pikhi. Houjik faobada fongkhraba mahakki lairiksingdi - (1) Anouba Numitki Firal (2003, sheireng) (2) Imagerygee mahoom amasung atei warengsing ( 2007, neina-wareng) (3) Khung-gang amasung Refugee (2011, sheireng) (4) Manimahesh (Uma Prasad Mukhapadhyai gi Sahitya Akademy Award fanglaba Bangla lamkoi wari bu Manipuri da handokpa, 2003) (5) Anouba Manipuri Sheireng (2014, Edit touba, Manipuri Dept. na fongba "Nachom" chefong-gi su Editor oikhi). The Writers Forum, Imphal na fongba "Sahitya gi Pao" gi su Editorial Board ki member oikhi. Houjikna Naharol Khorirol Shillup, Lakhipur na fongba chefong "Khorirol" gi Editorial Board ki member oiri. Ayiba asi National amasung International thakta pangthokpa Seminar, Symposium, Kabi Sammelan na chingba Bangladesh, Bharat ki tongan tonganba rajya singda shinba thouram singda saruk yakhre. Naharol Sahitya Premi Samiti, Imphal piba "Thokchom Yogendra Ningsing Sanagi Medal - 2007, Leikol, Imphal na piba "Kshetrimayum yaima amasung Thambal Devi ningsing Sahitya Mana - 2012, Manipuri Sahitya Parishad, Assam na piba "Leima Award - 2012" asina chingba mana fangkhre. Ayeebasigi sheirengsing "Dancing Earth" (Penguine Publication na fongba North-East kabising gi akhannaba Khomjinba) amasung "Taranga o Akash" (Akshar Publication, Agartala na fongba) Anthologysingda mathang sitna Engraji amasung Bangla da handoktuna fongkhre. ***

Centre has no role in ration subsidy

SILCHAR, December 12: In view of the raging controversy centering round subsidy on ration to tea garden workers, Sanjay Thakur, Vice–President of Assam Cha Morcha of BJP, has clarified, “There is no basis or truth behind the allegation of Congress led unions that the NDA Government has withdrawn the subsidy on ration for tea garden workers.” Dubbing it as tissue of lies, he rather said it was the sole responsibility of the state government to provide subsidized ration to the workers of tea estates.
The centre has no role on the matter. In fact, as Thakur added to say, it was in October last that Pradyut Bordoloi, the minister concerned, had written to the Centre to withdraw subsidy on ration and bring it under Food Security. Seen in this perspective, the wild allegation by Congress and its tea trade unions only exposes their ignorance, inactivity and indifference. It at the same time smacks of their deliberate design to malign the NDA Government.
BJP Cha Morcha leader said Pradyut Bordoloi is the prime mover behind such fabricated allegation and his letter to the Centre speaks volume of it. Having lost enough ground to BJP in the last Lok Sabha polls, Congress and its trade union wings are desperately trying to rake up unfounded issues, he pointed out. Besides, Congress is well aware of its imminent reverses during the ensuing Assembly elections. In order to find a way out, they have taken recourse all sorts of publicity– stint to confuse and confound the issues, knowing fully well it would never succeed.
Thakur slammed Congress MLA Rajdeep Goala of Lakhipur and other leaders of the party for carrying out the baseless campaign, pretending ignorance about the reality of matter. For the present and years of plight of tea garden workers, he squarely blamed Congress and its tea garden bodies. Why was not Plantation Labour Act (PLA) to provide basic amenities and facilities to workers not implemented when Congress was in power for long after Independence, he asked?
BJP Cha Morcha has reiterated that the Central Cabinet has not taken any decision to withdraw subsidy on ration to tea garden workers. Ram Vilas Paswan, Food Minister, in a letter to BJP MPs, Kamakhya Prasad Tasha and Rameswar Teli, has also put the record straight that “no directive has been issued by him or his ministry to do away with subsidy.” Sanjay Thakur, who is also the general secretary of Barak Valley Cha Mazdoor Sangha, has appealed to the tea garden workers in general not to be misled by the false and mischievous propaganda of Congress.
Continuing his tirade, Thakur further blamed Congress and its unions, professing to be the champion of the cause of tea workers, for creating and continuing the wide disparity between the wages of Barak and Brahmaputra Valleys. Moreover, the issues of prudent fund, gratuity, health–care, accommodation, education as well as the problem of retrenched workers are the offshoot of the self–centred and anti labour policies of Congress and its trade union wings. (Source: SentinelAssam)

Legal awareness camp held at Binnakandi

SILCHAR, November 30: A legal awareness camp on ‘mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR)” was held at South Barak Hall at Binnakandi ghat in Lakhipur LA constituency today. Among others present at the programme included secretary of Cachar District Legal Services Authority Muktar Uddin Ahmed, L Momon Singha, Notary and Legal Aid Counsel, DLSA, Nabarun Bhattacharjee, SDO (civil), Lakhipur, P Rajendra Singha, educationist, Ph Mandidhar Singha, retired Army major. The meeting was presided over by GN Sharma, retired lecturer of Nehru College.
Hundreds of people participated in the camp. The speakers dwelt on various legal issues in details and informed the people about legal aid service provided by District Legal Services Authority. In the second part of the programme, a question answer session was held which was followed by a one act play on the theme staged by local people.
The speakers addressing the gathering said that the aim of the DLSA is to provide legal aid particularly to the financially weaker section of the society who cannot afford legal expenditure. They added to say that the people can approach the DLSA for the settlement of their disputes and also for amicable settlement through mediation, besides, can approach for implementation of central sponsored schemes like MGNREGA, NRHM and other similar welfare programmes. (Source: SentinelAssam)

Cachar Milk Union Limited (CAMUL) formed

SILCHAR, November 29: With a view to develop the primary milk co–operative societies and to safeguard the rights of the farmers and workers engaged in milk production, the members of 30 dairy cooperative societies formed Cachar district Milk Union Limited (CAMUL) in a meeting held at Dairy Plant campus at Ghungur on Friday. Putul Goala has been elected as the president of the new Union while Doyanidhi Sharma has been made the general secretary. Besides, a 13 members’ executive committee of the Union was formed.
The initiative to form the Cachar Milk Union Limited was first taken by the Deputy Director, Dairy Development, Silchar Nazim Uddin Ahmed. According to him, cooperative societies or a Milk Union can develop the condition of the poor farmers and can help them in availing the benefit of various government sponsored schemes. The Dairy development is under the Ministry of Agriculture and there are a host of beneficiary schemes for the farmers.
Addressing the meeting which was mainly attended by the presidents and secretaries of all the 30 milk societies, Nazim Uddin said that the Union would also play a pivotal role in the development of the Dairy Plant located at Ghungur. He said that like Cachar, the Milk Unions will be formed in both Hailakandi and Karimganj districts. Later, a federation will be formed combing the Milk Unions of the three districts.
The speakers in the meeting observed that with all the resources and potentiality, Barak Valley could become a hub of milk production and achieve the distinction to bring about a sort of ’white revolution.’ Though it is like a dream come true, but the help and cooperation from everyone could make it possible.
Presently, 30 cooperative societies across Cachar are registered under Dairy Development Department. More cooperative societies can increase the capacity and supply more milk to people. A positive development towards boosting up milk production is the sanctioning of Rs 34 lakh to the educated unemployed youths under employment generation mission of Chief Minister Assam Vikas Yojana. With this financial support, the youths below the age of 40 will have high breed cows from Bihar.
The two vending machines at Silchar and Karimganj were installed under Assam State Plan 2012–13. More four machines are to be installed in this town of Silchar. The town has the demand of 1 lakh litres of milk. But, only 1 per cent of which can be met now, pointed out Nazim Uddin.
The sources said that there is a plan to set up Bulk Milk Cooler or Collection Centre at Harintilla in Borkhola constituency. The milkmen under different cooperative societies will carry the milk with the help of cycle vans supplied to them by the department to the collection centres set up. From there, the departmental vans will collect them and bring it to the Bulk Milk Cooler for refrigeration. Such Bulk Milk Coolers are also planned to be set up at Borkhola, Narsingpur, Kalain, Silcoorie, Hailakandi, Lala, Karimganj and Badarpur. The 19 lakh machine with 2000 litres capacity each have been sanctioned under State plan 2014–15.
The newly elected president Putul Goala said that the Union would work for the larger interest of the farmers and the development of Dairy Firm. He urged help and cooperation from one and all. (Source: SentinelAssam)

Auto drivers of the town to get ID cards

Silchar, November 28: The auto drivers of the town will have ID cards from January next year. A red sticker of Silchar auto association will have to be put on display on the front glass of the auto–rickshaws. The rules and regulations regarding the movement of auto–rickshaws will be newly framed from January. There will be only point to point movement maintaining 16 km distance. The ID card will be issued only to genuine auto drivers and will help in weeding out drivers who come to the town from rural areas.
Silchar Auto Owners’ Association extended its full help and cooperation to the drive. The general secretary of the Association Bikash Bhattacharjee said that the auto drivers have to collect the monogram sticker from the ten authorized auto stands of the town. He urged the auto drivers to contact Islam Uddin of Chamra gudam stand, Bishu Das of Medical stand, Ranjit Saha of rangirkhari stand, Baul Laskar of Nagatilla, Manna Dutta of Taraur stand, Bijoy Sukhlavaidya of Malugram, Ranu Das od Rongpur–Sadarghat stand, Bablu Chakraborty of Premtala, Makhan Mazumder of Rahimer Dukan and Kabir Hussain of Ramnagar auto stand to get the details of the membership and collect the stickers.
Bikash Bhattacharjee said that they had recently met the district transport officer Angshuman Biswas and raised the issue of the closing of auto permit. The members of the Association told Biswas that the unemployed youths are badly affected due to the closing of the permit. In response to the issue, the DTO said that with the directives from RTI board, the process of issuing permit is put on hold.
The decision to issue ID cards to the auto drivers of the town has been applauded by many. They believe that if the numbers of auto rickshaws that come from rural areas to the town everyday can be checked, the issue of traffic congestion can also be addressed a bit. The setback of traffic congestion is becoming more and more critical with increasing number of all sorts of vehicles, encroached footpaths, narrow and broken roads, and above all frequent violation of traffic rules by its users. Hap–hazard parking of vehicles on either side of busy roads like Shillongpatty, Nazir patty and Hospital road, besides several other locations of Silchar have emerged as a major civic problem. Thousands of vehicles bound for intercity movement find it hard to negotiate through the congestion, culminating in traffic snarl which has become a daily phenomenon. The sources said that around 20,000 to 25,000 auto–rickshaws ply over the Silchar town, out of which maximum are from rural areas. (Source: SentinelAssam)